Andrea Lynn Muthyala

Bachelors in Business Marketing & Expert Designer

I am an ambitious marketer and designer. My passions are marketing and design. This makes for an excellent pairing when I work on various marketing projects. Every design element requires a purpose and needs to serve an overall marketing goal. With so much visual clutter, it has never been so important for a business to visually differentiate themselves from competitors.

Creativity surrounds all my projects, and I thrive in challenging situations. My designs are original, fresh, and unique. I loved earning my bachelors in business marketing, where I have further developed my skills and strategies. I always seek to be learning new things, and I am committed to your success! I would love to discuss any projects or ideas with you. So please, let's get in touch!

A little more about me... I love to bake, paint, and anything in between. Any time I can, I love to travel the world and expose myself to other cultures and art. I had lived in California my whole life, and this beautiful state has brought much inspiration and artistic living. My favorite part of my day is coming home to my fluffy friends. I work hard on every project (and my family would probably argue a little too much). I am simply thrilled to be designing every day of my life!

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